VerteLoc® is a patented, less invasive dual geometric facet joint implant comprised of human allograft bone.  The body of the implant, which is rectangular in shape, restricts motion in flexion/extension, while the dual vertical stabilizers rest between the facet joint surfaces and serve to restrict motion in both torsion and lateral bending.  The vertical stabilizers also serve to maintain distraction across the joint.  VerteLoc® is designed to be used as an adjunct in spinal decompression procedures or in conjunction with other spine stability procedures.

Less invasive:  Instrumentation designed specifically to allow the procedure to be performed through an 8 mm cannula.  The procedure is minimally destructive to the patient, promoting accelerated patient recovery.

Patented Implant Design:  Dual Geometric Shape, consisting of a main implant body with dual vertical stabilizer fins allowing for greater biomechanical stability. Available in multiple sizes and configurations for specific applications.

Simplified, repeatable procedure: Specifically designed instrumentation simplifies the procedure, resulting in increased repeatability and reduced time in the operating room.

US PATENT 8,162,982 | 8,623,053