SiJoin® is a patented sacroiliac (SI) implant designed specifically for stabilization and fusion of the SI joint. The dual geometric allograft implant utilizes vertical stabilizer fins to maintain optimal anatomical width across the joint, in an attempt to alleviate associated nerve pain.  The procedure is performed utilizing specially designed instrumentation that enables a safer posterior approach that simplifies the surgery and makes it reproducible. The SiJoin® procedure reduces time in the operating room, reduces blood loss and the risk of possible neural complications associated with other sacroiliac joint fusion procedures.

Less Invasive:  The SiJoin® procedure is a simple less destructive procedure, minimizing soft tissue damage, which reduces recovery time associated with the surgery.

Less risk:  Compared to other SI Joint fusion methods, the SiJoin® procedure is a safer option, by mimimizing the risk of neural complications.

Stabilization and fusion:  The implant both maintains the anatomical position of the joint and enhances sacroiliac joint fusion.

Patented Implant Design: Dual geometric allograft implant with dual stabilizer fins designed to generate greater biomechanical stability across the affected joint.

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US PATENT 8,623,053 | 8,882,818 | 9,375,243