CerLoc™ is a patented cervical facet joint allograft, precision machined from human allograft bone.


The body of the implant restricts motion in flexion/extension, while the dual stabilizers resist motion in both axial rotation and lateral bending.  The tapered body is press-fit into the joint to prevent migration, preserve distraction, and help to restore natural lordosis.  CerLoc™ is designed to be used as an adjunct in spinal decompression procedures or in conjunction with other spine stability procedures.

Less invasive:The intuitive CerLoc™ instruments are designed specifically to allow the posterior procedure to be performed through a uniquely engineered Cannula with integrated Drill Guides.

Patented Implant Design:

Dual-geometric, asymmetrical allograft design is distinctly engineered for maximum biomechanical stability.

Simplified, repeatable procedure: Specifically designed instrumentation simplifies the procedure, resulting in increased repeatability and reduced time in the operating room.

US PATENT 8,623,053